Sandra Scott Singing Studios


I can attest that Sandra is one of the best singing coachs in the business and I defy you to find one better.

Never have I found a singing teacher/coach with a holistic approach to singing - i.e. working with what you already have, not forcing your voice to do things it's not comfortable with -
Just working with the muscles to give the voice the support it needs to come out strong.
Further, she is one of the most wonderfully patient and empathetic people I've ever met;
colourful, creative, kind and a genius -

Go ahead, find better.
I dare you.

Bonsai Tai Chi Academy

Contrary to the title, this school has nothing to do with trees...

One of the most supportive and friendly tai chi groups you could ever find -
working on the key principles, never hiding any knowledge from their students, the instructors believe in explaining to their students the inner-workings of their own bodies.

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